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Publish Play Store Console. However, it is not what is perceived. Submit changes long before your intended release date, giving yourself time to review or make changes without sacrificing control over your publishing date.


Create a google developer account. Log in to the google play console; If you are asking about publishing app to play store.

If You Are Asking About Publishing App To Play Store.

This answer is not useful. You will now be moved to the. Publish your approved changes, even if other changes are still in review.

Go To Release > Setup > Advanced Settings.

If this is an existing app, you will need to enroll in play signing first (go to app releases > app signing in the play console) so that google can sign the apks it generates from. You’ve set the correct pricing options The first step is to import your app into google play console.

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So before you hit publish on your google play developer console, you should do some final checks. First, click select countries and regions and select add countries/regions. You can do this by opening google play console and going to “create application.”.

Click Ready To Publish As A Final Action Before Launching Your App On The Google Play Store.

Log in to the google play console; Log in to your expo account and ensure that your app project exists on eas servers. Building android apps can be really easy to get started with.

Publishing Apps On Google Play Is Often Considered A Cakewalk.

You’ve uploaded the correct apk version; So that’s all about how to publish app on play store step by step with google play store guidelines play console and content guidelines. Click on the link shown on the first step to visit the google developers console.

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