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Dabiq -  Dabiq is the name of a place in Syria where, according to the Judgement Day prophecy as mentioned in the Hadith, the final battle will take place between the Muslims and the Roman Empire (i.e. the West). When this battle has taken place, the Mahdi will return and bring victory on those who oppose the Sharia. Note that the name of this place is the same name of ISIS’ online magazine, which highlights ISIS’ goals in bringing victory and restoring Islam’s golden age in the form of the new Caliphate.
Dayton Peace Agreements -  The American-led Dayton Peace Agreements, signed in November 1995, divided Bosnia and Herzegovina into two entities. 49% of the Bosnian territory remained Serbian (the Republika Srpska) and 51% would belong to the Bosniak-Croat federation (the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina). The presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, following the Agreements, is a three-person rotating institution, where each of the main ethnic groups elects a representative to the presidency. Under the relatively weak central government there are two more powerful entity governments, the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. An elaborate system of controls ensures that each ethnic group has a veto. This is an important part of the agreement since competing memories of the war and a profound lack of trust within and between the three ethnic groups are still strong.
- Synonyms: Dayton
Dehumanization -  Dehumanization is the denial of humanness of a category of people. All languages and cultures require classification – we distinguish and classify between people (us versus them). Through symbolization, we name and classify these categories, for instance; the Dutch are tall, white skinned and blond, they wear clogs and ride bikes. Once these categories and symbols are combined with dehumanization, these categories are denied their humanity. For instance: “these tall, blond, clog-wearing and bike-riding people are a poisonous to our society”. (please see also: Gregory Stanton – Ten Stages of Genocide 2013)
Development aid -  Development aid is  concentrated on sustainability. The goal is to create a livelihood on local level. It often involves long-term projects.
Diaspora Jews -  Diaspora is Greek for 'dispersion'. Diaspora Jews refers to those Jews living outside the land of Israel. The Hebrew word is Tefutsot.
Dutch Asylum Procedure - Reasons for Rejection -  In the Netherlands, an application for asylum may be refused for several reasons:
  • The person in question was previously in another European member state where you could have applied for asylum before you came to the Netherlands, or if you have already requested asylum in a European member state other than the Netherlands.
  • The person in question has previously applied for asylum in the Netherlands and no new relevant facts have since come to light.
  • The person in question constitutes a risk to public order and national security.
  • The person in question has provided incorrect information.
See for the website of IND for more information.