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Caliphate -  An Islamic government, led by a caliph. The Caliph is considered a successor of the prophet Mohammed and is chosen by a shura council. He claims Mohammed's political heritage. In addition to the traditional concept of a caliphate, a worldwide caliphate has recently been introduced by Islamic extremists. This worldwide caliphate is a borderless political order in which everyone lives under strict political, religious and military Muslim rule.
Cultural genocide -  Cultural genocide, or ethnocide, is the destruction of a group by annihilating their culture. Such measures aimed to interrupt the cultural reproduction of a people are an integral part of a genocidal plan, such as the forced policy of deculturation and Germanic reculturation of parts annexed by the Third Reich during the Second World War. The drafters of the 1948 Genocide Convention considered the use of the term, but eventually left it out of the final draft.
- Synonyms: Ethnocide
Cultural Identity -  The definition of groups or individuals - by themselves or others - in terms of cultural or subcultural categories - including ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, and gender -. (Oxford Reference)