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Day to day journalism focuses on newsworthy violence rather than giving an insight in the process that precedes conflict and that what comes after. The goal of What is Happening Now is to give this insight and create understanding in the underlying social and political processes. We aim to distinguish ourselves from day to day journalism by focusing on long-term theories and backgrounds.

What is Happening Now is an initiative of six  young researchers in Genocide Studies. They focus on a wide variety of subjects and conflicts from different research approaches. Together, the writers of What is Happening Now form a diverse group with a wide range of knowledge. They have come together to combine forces and create understanding on the complexity of conflicts and their political context.

What is Happening Now publishes in-depth articles related to current issues but not necessarily about current conflicts. Current issues inspire us to analyse history and research how the legacies of previous conflicts live on and affect present-day societies. What is Happening Now aims to reach a large public, trying to make complex conflicts understandable for everyone.

Every writer will publish new articles on weekly to monthly basis, focusing on his or her area of expertise. This makes the website suitable for people interested in conflicts in general or in specific areas, conflicts or subjects. What is Happening Now also aims to keep its readers updated on upcoming events (such as lectures, debates or film screenings) related to the discussed topics through the Events-agenda.

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